Yahoo! Hong Kong Front Page

Design concept was generated by US team, and they work with international design office to localize the Front Page to meet the market needs. My role was to collect design feedback from Producers and Business Managers and polish the design to meet their needs in the localization process.

My task included:
• Localize the design
• Coordinate User Testing session with the Research vendor
• Provide feedback to research studies and help translating the interview questions into Cantonese with appropriate tone and style

Design and Developed for Yahoo! Hong Kong

When I was working at Yahoo!, much of the products were locally designed to meet the specific needs of the market. The UED team in Hong Kong was a centralized design team providing services to different business unit. I am glad to have the opportunity to work on a wide range of services. During my time served at Yahoo!, below are some of the projects I have worked on.

Past Projects:

Design Pattern

Pattern Library was a project started by the Yahoo! Design Community at the Sunnyvale office. The goal was to find a way to communicate standards for interaction design across Yahoo! to maintain consistency and usability.Regional design offices using double byte languages however were not able to utilize the resource.

I have started an initiative to extend the pattern library for the Chinese language. Our team gathered to have a lunch meeting every week ; we came together to brainstorm and propsed design ideas for new pattern. After the design is polished, the html and css code are documented and shared with other team members.The concept is very similar to the YUI library today.

The idea was well received by the Yahoo! Design Community. Similar initiatives were started at other regional office. Regional Pattern Library team was later official established to support the design and development office in Asia.

Advocate for Interaction Design Discipline

Back in 2003 I was hired as the first Interaction Designer in Asia, and my employment was an a new challenge to the managment team as the team had no experiences working with an Interaction Designer. Being an advocate for the Interaction Design discipline, I have conducted multiple information sessions to share my design principles and tools with my fellow team members. It was difficult to change the working culture in the beginning, yet I have brought positive experience to the team and have helped shaping the UX process at the office.

Key Accomplishments include:
• Introduce user-centered design methodologies to the product team
• Workshop and sharing sessions were conducted evengelize design process
• Collaborated with other team member to define product requirement
• Implement design process within UED team