Windows Live Social Networking

Spaces was the blogging services of Microsoft Windows Live. Blogging was gaining a lot of popularity back in decade, and was considered to be one of the most popular social networking activities on the internet.

I have joined the Social Networking Team with Windows Live in the summer of 2006, and have participated in the redesign of Spaces and their suite of services including Events and Group Spaces.

Design Work includes:
• Groups Spaces
• Event Spaces
• Spaces Personalization
• Spaces content publishing
• First Run User Experiences for Spaces

Personalize your Space

Features were designed to help users to customize the page the way they want. Module creation was a feature which enables users to create content on their Spaces without messing with the html code. Movie List was one of the examples that allows users to share their favorite movies by entering the movie name they like, and the movie pictures and content would be generated from the movie database.

Event Spaces

It allows users to send invitations to their guest for a special event, and users can upload any information or share photos on the Event Space. It was a shared space on the internet allowing people to share a piece of memory together. Wedding, Anniversary, Baby Showers are some of user scenarios we have designed for.

Group Spaces

It is an online collaboration tool which includes Instant Messageing and Online storage and sharing services.

The key design challenge is to understand and meet the needs of the groups. The scale and dynamics of a group has much impact on the comfort and trust level in the social dynamics, and we need to have the features to support their needs. Technical issues including MSN groups migration was also one fo the design challange to consider.

Suite Services Integration

After users have accepted the event invitation, it would be automatically added to the users' calendar. Users can also easily access the events' information from their Hotmail.