Office Communicator 2010

Office Communicator will be release in the fall of 2010.

Having the opportunity to join the OC Design Team was not a only a fun experience as a designer, but also a valuable learning opportunity. Our team had conducted extensive research to understand the gap between the ideal user experience and today's services, and the strategy and development process was driven by design vision inspired by research.

I have designed end to end unified communication scenarios to help users improve their mobility experience with laptops and mobile phones for upcoming release in 2010.  Projects included designing mobile applications and device/software integrations.

Design focus:
• Contacts Integration for mobile
• Calendar Integration
• Multi-modal coversation cross devices
• Device integration for mobility

Selectable Devices

Selectable Device was one of the features I have worked on. When multiple OCS endpoints are connected to a PC running an OCS client the user can select which endpoint to use. Previous version you could only use the device setup in the "Set Up Audio and Video" option menu. Much easier to change device in the new version.