My name is Amy Ip, and I am an Interaction Designer currently residing in Seattle / Vancouver BC in N.America. Becoming a world citizen and live around the world was my dream as a kid; although I am far from reaching the goal today, I am blessed to have the opportunity to live in a few countries. Every time when I travel, I am always fascinated to learn how different our cultures could be even we speak the same language and live in the same country; yet we could also find friends like family even we live thousands miles apart. My interests in understanding cultural impact on communication has naturally grown, and it is always fun to pick up some new skills to help facilitate better conversations.

As a designer, I find much similarities between building relationships with a foreign culture and the user experience of technology products; both experiences could cause much anxiety and discomfort , yet the new relationship could also bring us delightful surprises. I believe the design of the end-to-end user experience not only is important in driving the success of the product, it also empowers people for a better living if we do the job right2

My passion for communication and social networking has always been the key driver of my career. Some of my recent projects include Instant Messaging, Unified Communication, online collaboration and social networking tools (PC, mobile and web platform).  Prior working at Microsoft at Redmond, I was working for Yahoo! Hong Kong and at different design firms in Hong Kong and Canada.  

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